What is Startup Sioux Falls?

Startup Sioux Falls is a collaborative effort between Michael MacFadden and Matthew Paulson to help build a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sioux Falls. Startup Sioux Falls currently operates the Sioux Falls Area Entrepreneurs group on Facebook and holds periodic community events, such as Open Startup Coffee. StartupSiouxFalls.com is a community resource website designed to connect small business owners, startup founders and entrepreneurs to each other, to local entrepreneurship events, and to resources available to them in the community.

Why Startups?

We feel the Startups are major drivers of innovation, industry disruption, economic growth. In fact, according to this article on Forbes, by Peter Cohan, between 1977 and 2009, startups contributed to nearly half of all new jobs created during that time. Most large business operate in established markets where jobs simply ebb and flow between the winners and losers. The growth by one big business is often at the expense of their competitors or other waning markets, meaning jobs are just shifting around, not being created. When startups innovate, they have the opportunity to create jobs out of thin air. A few highly successful startups can dramatically change the economic reality of a small city.

Beyond economic benefits startups often bring an energy that contributes to vibrancy to the local business and social scene. They are typically groups of fun, trendy, hard charging folks with intense passion for whatever they are working on. They lean forward, take risks, and pour everything they have into their business idea. It’s hard not to get excited around startups. This energy bleeds off into many other areas of the community contributing to a great atmosphere which will attract even more top talent.

What We Value?

We love business, we love tech, we love creativity, we love design, we love entrepreneurs, we love working hard, we love our community. Our main goal is to build a strong sense of community identity and to help build a network of individuals, businesses, and organizations that make it easier to conceive, start, and grow successful startups in Sioux Falls.